Give Your New Home The Innovative Technology That Secures What Matters The
Most To You – Your Loved Ones!

Check in Remotely

Fast Response Time

Discourage Crime & illicit Activities

Save Money on Insurance

The alarm systems we install include the added benefits of:

  • Extreme weather alerts, so you are the first to know about floods or tornadoes.
  • Remote Access and Controls, so you can oversee everything from anywhere.
  • "Crash and Smash" Technology, in which a device sends an alert even if It Is destroyed.
  • 2-Way voice features, so you can communicate with responders hands-free.

Security Alarm System

Effective alarm system services in Twin Falls, ID aren’t hard to find. Just contact TechAByte Technology Solutions, and we’ll take care of everything. Our wireless alarm systems are less intrusive than alternatives, and their batteries last for up to five years. We can also automate your alarm system with your home.

Security Camera System


You can never have too much security at your property. Installing a video surveillance system on your property can help you by:

  • Alerting you to activity at or near your facility
  • Keeping an eye on your property at all time
  • Holding your employees accountable for their work
  • Monitoring low-traffic areas in your home or workplace

Home Automation

Take Control of your entire House or Business!

IT Solutions

TechAByte Technology Solutions offers IT network support throughout the Twin Falls, ID area. Whether you’re trying to gain access to Wi-Fi at home or install an ethernet connection at your office, we can help. 

We also have the expertise to pull cables through walls so they are hidden and out of the way. If you need Wi-Fi access points installed, we can do that, too.


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